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The vein clinic vascular surgeons are specialists in providing accurate diagnosis and modern, minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins enabling you to make the best choices for your vascular care

Our Prices

The fees we charge are within industry norms and are honoured by most UK private medical insurance companies.

If you are not insured and paying yourself:

Consultation / Assessment
Our fees to assess your veins depend on the complexity of your problem and whether both legs need attention.
Consultation (including duplex ultrasound scan): £250 -£300

We work in partnership with the hospitals where we practice. When we have agreed a treatment pathway, you will receive an all-inclusive ‘fixed price’ quotation from the hospital where treatment is planned. This will include our fees and a follow up outpatient appointment.

Prices range from £495 for single leg microinjection sclerotherapy as an outpatient to over £4000 for complex in-hospital interventions to both legs.

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